Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Philadelphia Bulletin: Study Warns Hezbollah Aims to Take Over the Lebanese Government

by David Bedein

Recent publicity that surrounded the Hezbollah terrorist group’s subversive operations in Egypt has diverted media attention from Hezbollah’s greater goal - to take over the Lebanese government.

A study released yesterday by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, run by former Israeli ambassador to the U.N., Dr. Dore Gold, titled: “Hezbollah’s Struggle to Change the Lebanese Regime,” claims that Hezbollah seeks to “destroy the foundations of the sectarian regime in Lebanon agreed upon in the National Pact of 1943,” which carefully divided powers there between Christians, Muslims and Druze.

That pact has been preserved by the Lebanese state ever since.

However, this new study warns that Hezbollah is close to reaching its goal of establishing an Islamic state and a complete Iranian takeover of Lebanon.

On April 3, Hezbollah published its political platform in advance of elections to the Lebanese parliament scheduled for June 7, 2009.

The document calls for the abolition of sectarian politics and for the enactment of a new election law that would alter the equation of sectarian forces in Lebanon.

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