Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Unity Talks"

Egypt Fosters Palestinian Terror Regime

BETHLEHEM - Ma'an News Agency

An Egyptian security delegation arrived in Ramallah Thursday charged with pushing forward unity talks in a fortified effort that began five days ago.

The Egyptian security delegation, headed by Deputy to the Egyptian Intelligence Chief Mohammad Ibrahim will hold three full days of meetings with figures in the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Fatah and leaders of PLO factions, informed sources said.

The first meeting will be held with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Fatah's delegation to the Cairo talks...

Greed Wins: Israeli Profits Override Protection of its Citizens

Greed Wins: Israeli Profits Override Protection of its Citizens

by David Bedein

Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon and a slew of Israeli officials who promote trade relations with the Palestinian Arab population conducted a press briefing on Wednesday, July 8, 2009.

Israeli government officials explained why it is that Israel now lifts security measures over the Palestinian Arab population - despite the refusal of the ruling Palestinian Authority to dismantle or to disband the well organized terror groups that operate under the direct command of that same Palestinian Authority:

Israeli civil administration officials proudly proclaimed that the Palestinian Authority is now Israel's largest trading partner.

Israel currently exports 13 billion shekels of products to the Arab population in Judea and Samaria. and another 2 billion shekels of products to Gaza.

There are very few imports from the PA into Israel.

From the transcript of Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon's briefing:

Question from David Bedein:

"Is there any understanding, from Israel’s point of view, that Abbas has taken any measures to disarm or to disband the El Aqsa Martyrs Brigade or any other terrorist groups under him. Or, the last three nights on Palestinian television they are celebrating Fatah, past Fatah murders of Israelis, any commitment in Israel over the frequencies of Palestinian television....

Answer from Mr. Daniel Ayalon:
No, we are still expecting to see a real move over there, and as I mentioned, of course we do appreciate General Dayton’s work to build capacity over there. But of course much more, a lot more, substantially a lot more can be done by the Palestinians to dismantle the infrastructure - that is to collect illegal arms, to disband and outlaw all the terror organizations. Nothing has been done in this area, not to mention of course, the incitement, the curriculum and all that...."

In other words, profits for Israeli companies override security considerations.

Israel's interest in the profits of Israeli companies from the Palestinian Authority trumps the responsibility of Israel to protect its citizens.

At the funerals of the next victims of the PLO, keep in mind that "greed wins".