Monday, March 29, 2010

Palestinian Incitement Information Provided to the US Congress

Most recently, our agencies met with staffers of members of the US Congress who serve on The Middle East Subcommittee of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee.
In addition to providing staffers with updated official Palestinian Authority maps that obliterate Israel, the following documentation was shared with congressional staff during this visit:

Briefing Paper on the severe implications of US Military Assistance to
Palestinian Security Services:

THE INCITEMENT REPORT VOL. I, ISSUE II: Incitement by the Palestinian
Authority and UNRWA - January 2010 - February 2010

THE INCITEMENT REPORT VOL. I, ISSUE I: Incitement by the Palestinian
Authority - November 2009 - January 2010

U.S.Government Sponsored Palestinian Min. of Tourism brochure which rewrites
history/presents map which obliterates Israel

It is vital that American citizens to contact US Congressional staffers to provide US lawmakers with a perspective on the US Administration demand that Israel to establish a Palestinian state, led by the Fatah terrorist leadership that will not cease its vile incitement against the state and people of Israel

THESE EFFORTS ARE PRIVATELY SUPPORTED, in order to maintain absolute integrity and credibility.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Philadelphia Bulletin: Biden Snubbed By PA; Square Named After Terrorist

by David Bedein

Jerusalem - The promise made to the Americans was not kept. The Palestinian Authority (P.A.) named a square in Ramallah after terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who led a Palestinian Liberation Organization terror attack on the coastal road of Israek, where 38 people were murdered, including Gale Rubin, the niece of Senator Abraham Ribicoff, the late Senator from Connecticut.

Because of the visit of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, the P.A. canceled the official ceremony scheduled to take place in Ramallah, during which it was to name one of the main squares in the city after the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who, in 1978, committed the attack on the coastal road bus.

Despite their promises, the Palestinians held a commemoration ceremony to mark 32 years of the terror attack. “We are committed to the path of shahid Dalal Mughrabi,” the participants declared at the ceremony, which was also attended by top Fatah members and P.A. officials. A monument was even placed in the square center in memory of Mughrabi. Participants held up pictures of the terrorist.

Last week, Adnan Dumairi, a senior Palestinian Authority security official, announced that the official ceremony to name the square after Mughrabi had been delayed only for “technical reasons.”

Among those attending the ceremony were Palestinian MP Fatah member Jamal Hawil, and Tawfik Tirawi, a member of Fatah’s Central Committee and former director of Palestinian intelligence.

To make clear its intention to memorialize Mughrabi, the Palestinian Authority this week launched a seminar named after Mughrabi.

The four-day seminar, called “Martyr Dalal Mughrabi Camp,” was being held in Jericho under the auspices of the P.A.’s Military Science Academy, where the American army trains Palestinian security services. About 120 Palestinian university students from the West Bank participated in the conference.

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The Philadelphia Bulletin: UNICEF Issues Apology For Anti-Israel Brochure And Threatens Palestinian Client

by David Bedein

Palestinian Media Watch recently uncovered an ad that ran on official Palestinian Authority television by a Palestinian youth organization, PYALARA (Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation), funded by UNICEF, showing an axe destroying a Star of David. The UNICEF logo was displayed on the ad.

The large Star of David that has been destroyed has on it pictures of stars and stripes, presumably representing the U.S.A., and an additional smaller Star of David, presumably representing Israel.

PYALARA has been funded by UNICEF since the year 2000: “PYALARA has been chosen by UNICEF as a major strategic partner in Palestine.”

On the axe that destroys the Star of David is the word: “Boycott!” in the imperative tense. Youth are invited to watch the Palastinian Authority (P.A.) TV program calling for a boycott of Israel.

The program started as follows: “The program Speak Up has decided to dedicate this program to a theme which is a national obligation upon each of us - the topic of boycotting Israel in all ways.” (PA TV March 21, 2010.)

The ad read that the weekly youth program Speak Up is “produced in cooperation with PBC (PA TV) with the support of UNICEF.”

The Bulletin brought this to the immediate attention of UNICEF, which immediately issued a condemnation of PYALARA.

In a statement dated March 23, UNICEF president, Caryl M. Stern, denounced the “incorrect use of the UNICEF logo” and stated that “UNICEF was not consulted by PYALARA about the use of its logo in a poster announcing a youth broadcast and it condemns the use of its logo to imply endorsement of political opinions. Neither the poster nor the television program it advertises reflect UNICEF’s policies or its views.” Ms. Stern added that “UNICEF’s partnership agreement with PYALARA ended in January 2010” and that “UNICEF will be carefully reviewing any proposed future partnerships with PYALARA.”

There are times when a U.N. agency shows accountability.

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The Philadelphia Bulletin: Netanyahu Locked in Heated Debate with Obama

by David Bedein

U.S. Order to Wiretap Israeli Embassy Revealed

“Ambush” is the word that was widely used in the Israeli media to describe the reception that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was given at the White House on Tuesday.

The Israeli media cited a number of steps that were taken by the White House in order to “humiliate” the prime minister, who received “the treatment reserved for the president of Equatorial Guinea,” to use one pundit’s description, or that of “the last of the wazirs from Lower Senegal,” as another pundit put it.

President Obama abruptly left Mr. Netanyahu in the middle of their meeting to go eat dinner with his wife and daughters, reportedly urging the prime minister to meet and consult with his aides “so that if he changed his mind he could inform the president right away.”

“I’m still around. Let me know if there is anything new,” the Israeli media quoted the president as saying.

President Obama reportedly made a list of demands from Mr. Netanyahu, which include Israel’s consent to extend the settlement construction freeze beyond its Oct.1 expiration date and to expand the areas of Jerusalem that it annexed after the 1967 war.

The president also reportedly asked to secure Israeli consent to redeploy its military forces in a way that would restore the situation on the ground that existed prior to the Palestinian uprising in September of 2000.

After 25,000 Palestinian terror attacks between 2000 and 2005, which took the lives of 1,370 people, Israel redeployed its forces throughout Arab populated areas in Judea and Samaria, to reduce Arab terror infiltration.

Mr. Obama also reportedly demanded that Israel release of hundreds of Palestinians who have been convicted of murder and attempted murder.

Throughout the visit, Mr. Netanyahu held personal consultations at the Israeli embassy in Washington, and not on the phone, for fear of being wiretapped.

Most recently, an Israeli lawyer in the employ of the U.S. Justice Department, Mr. Shammai Leibovitz, revealed to reporters in Washington that his supervisors asked him to log translate transcripts of Hebrew language wiretapped phone conversations that emanated from the Israeli embassy in Washington.

Mr. Leibowitz refused to abide by this request and was fired from his position after he met with a reporter and has been indicted for sharing classified documents from the Justice Department with the media.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

When Obama Meets Netanyahu

by Daniel Pipes for and cross-posted from the National Review Online

On learning that Barack Obama invited Binyamin Netanyahu to visit him on March 23, presumably to discuss such momentous topics as the timing of announcements of housing units in Jerusalem and urging him to make nice to the PLO's Mahmoud Abbas, I can't help imagine what I would say to the president.

Netanyahu has previously met Obama.

1.Let's put aside Palestinian issue - which even the past year shows has little chance of a breakthrough.
2.Instead, better to focus on the supremely dangerous Iranian nuclear buildup.
3.It's too late for resolutions, agreements, or sanctions to deal with that buildup.
4.The only decision left is whether or not to take out the nuclear infrastructure.
5.American forces have the greatest capabilities and should undertake this operation.
6.If they don't, Israeli forces should do the job.
7.That will be difficult; the IDF intelligence, planes, and payloads may not be adequate.
8. Therefore, only Israel's submarine-based nuclear weapons can assure operational success.
9. No one wants that, so better the U.S. government take action.

Faced with such logic, I hope Obama would put aside the Palestinian issue, at least temporarily.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Philadelphia Bulletin: Hamas Plan: A Third Intifada Uprising

by David Bedein

Jerusalem - Hamas is trying to ignite a third Intifada uprising in Judea and Samaria, according to information obtained by the Israeli security establishment.

A special state of alert was issued by the Israeli security establishment in response to information that the Hamas leadership overseas had ordered its people to instigate riots.

The instructions that were given called for riots on the Temple Mount and in Jerusalem by means of such organizations as the Islamist Liberation Party and the el-Aksa Young Guard, which are active in the Temple Mount area in Jerusalem. These organizations were behind other recent disturbances and the young people holing up on the Temple Mount.

At the same time, a joint coordination body of a number of movements in Jerusalem, comprised of people from Hamas, Fatah activists and certain figures from the northern chapter of the Islamic Movement in Israel, have shown signs of activity. This group, too, in which Israeli Arabs act together with West Bank residents, is responsible to a large degree to the latest wave of violence on the Temple Mount, while exploiting the dedication of the Hurva synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem and the declaration of the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem as national heritage sites.

Israeli Security sources noted that Hamas had instructed its members to ignite riots in Jerusalem, in the hope that the activity will spread to other areas, using Hamas’s military cells.

Israeli security sources believe that Hamas’s call to kindle the West Bank is also due to Hamas’ wish to sabotage the municipal elections declared by the P.A. without including Hamas. These elections are scheduled for July 17.

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Israel's New Enemy: America?

"Enemy: "a person who feels hatred for, fosters harmful designs against, or
engages in antagonistic activities against another; an adversary or
opponent." -

Despite Vice President Joe Biden's recent pledge of unswerving fidelity to
Israel during his recent visit there, the rhetoric and pressure directed by
the Obama administration against the only fully functioning democracy in the
Middle East more accurately resembles the behavior of an enemy. Increasingly
under this administration - but also present in Republican administrations -
America's policy toward Israel is full of "harmful designs" and
"antagonistic activities." The intentions may not be deliberate, but the
outcome would lead to the same injurious end.

The latest pretext for putting more pressure on Israel to do more in the
"pursuit of peace" comes from a decision by Israel's Interior Ministry to
construct 1,600 new housing units in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of
Ramat Shlomo, which is located in "disputed territory." To the Palestinians
and their Arab and Muslim neighbors, most especially Iran and Syria, all of
Israel is "disputed territory." It is difficult to understand why the U.S.
State Department thinks not building a few houses is going to dissuade
Israel's enemies from wanting less than they want now.

The failure of this formula has been evident for decades, but U.S. policy
continues to employ it, always with the same results. Whether Israel's
concessions have been unilateral - most recently with its abandonment of the
Gaza Strip, which predictably led to terrorist attacks from that territory -
or negotiated deals which the Palestinians have never lived up to, Israel
always ends up getting its pocket picked. Then, the United States, the U.N.,
Europe and Russia demand that it put more valuables in its pocket so the
thieves can continue their thievery.

Every weekday publishes what many in the media and
Washington consider "must-reading". HUNDREDS of columnists and cartoonists
regularly appear. Sign up for the daily update. It's free. Just click here.

A Washington Post headline illustrates the deteriorating relationship
between the two nations, "U.S. Pushes Netanyahu to Accept 3 Demands." There
is no similar demand that the Palestinians and especially Hamas, which has
said it will agree to nothing less than the eradication of Israel, should
accept anything, not even the minimal acceptance of Israel's right to exist.
Meanwhile, Hamas has called on Palestinians to launch a third "intifada."

After apologizing to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the "offense" of
the housing announcement during Biden's visit, Netanyahu reminded the
Israeli parliament that Israel has been building in east Jerusalem for four
decades. He said, "The building of those Jewish neighborhoods in no way hurt
the Arabs of East Jerusalem and did not come at their expense."

That doesn't matter when the wrong formula is employed. In this twisted
thinking, whatever Israel does is unjustified so long as the
Palestinian-Arab-Muslim side is unhappy. What part of annihilation does the
State Department not understand? What State is blind to is that the
"Israeli-Palestinian conflict," as it is erroneously labeled, is part of a
worldwide religious war against all things Jewish, Christian, secular,
modern and Western.

Making demands of only one side before serious negotiations begin,
especially on matters of Jerusalem, so-called "refugees" and borders,
effectively pressures Israel into making concessions on all three, which
would severely damage its prospects for continued existence.

How about first making these demands of the Palestinian-Arab-Muslim side:
(1) A pledge of no more war with Israel, or terrorism; 2) a declaration by a
powerful Islamic cleric that their God no longer requires them to kill
people who don't believe as they do; and 3) no more teaching in Palestinian
textbooks and in their media that Jews created AIDS and descend from monkeys
and pigs?

After those three demands are met, the State Department can start making
demands of Israel. Not before. Anything less puts America on the wrong side,
along with Israel's (and America's) enemies. Or hasn't State noticed that we
share the same enemies?

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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Philadelphia Bulletin: Palestinian Authority Incitement Becomes an Issue

by David Bedein

Jerusalem - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informed the Israeli Knesset Parliament Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee last week that, for the first time since the inception of the negotiation process with the P.L.O. in 1993, the Israeli government has announced an official policy to monitor virulent incitement from official media outlets of the Palestinian Authority (P.A.).

Mr. Netanyahu has appointed the former head of Military Intelligence’s research department as government coordinator for incitement in the P.A. 

“We will set parameters by which to measure the level of incitement,” Mr. Netanyahu told the committee. “People must know exactly what is happening on this issue because, for a peace agreement, education toward peace and acceptance of Israel are needed.”

An “incitement index” will be produced by monitoring broadcasts in the official P.A. media, statements and actions by senior P.A. officials and textbooks, according to senior Israeli government officials. All of these will be examined for incitement, encouraging an atmosphere of violence and/or manifestations of anti-Semitism.
The Israeli government was particularly outraged by the P.A.’s plan to hold a ceremony on Wednesday to name a square in Ramallah in honor of the late Mrs. Dalal al-Mughrabi, one of the Palestinian terrorists who landed a small dingy on a beach in Israel, murdered an American photographer, Gail Rubin, the niece of the late U.S. Senator Abraham Ribicoff, and then commandeered a passenger bus where they proceeded to murder 37 Israeli citizens. After pressure was brought to bear from both the Israeli and American governments, the ceremony was canceled.

The Bulletin has learned that Vice President Biden, now on an official visit to the Middle East, made a direct request that the P.A. cancel the ceremony that honors a terrorist.

Meanwhile, recent examples of Incitement from official channels of the Palestinian Authority include:

February 26, 2010: P.A. Prime Minister Salam Fayyad stated that the Al-Ibrahimi mosque site in Hebron [the Machpelah] is “an inseparable part of Palestinian lands occupied in 1967, as is the Gaza strip and eastern Jerusalem.”

According to NAM News Network:

“After performing Friday prayers (which were held at the Al-Ibrahimi mosque) Fayyad said that the Palestinian people stand together in facing the Israeli decision to list Al-Ibrahimi mosque and Rachel Tomb (sic) - a mosque - both on Palestinian land, as Israeli UNESCO (sic) heritage sites.

“He stressed that Israel by this, breaches international law, having no claim over the land, which the Palestinians have full rights to.”

He further warned of an increased risk of violence as a result of the Israeli government decision on the sites, adding “we are all united against the decision of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and against the terror of the settlers.”

Several sources reported that Mr. Fayyad accused Israel of having “annexed” the site.

February 23, 2010: P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas referred to the decision of the Netanyahu government to add the Machpelah in Hebron and Kever Rachel outside of Bethlehem to the list of national Heritage sites as a “severe provocation” that could lead to a “war of religions” and possibly a new intifada.

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The Philadelphia Bulletin: Israel Demands Naval Blockade of Iran by the US

by David Bedein

Jerusalem - Israel is applying pressure to the United States and trying to persuade the administration to impose a naval blockade on Iran, in addition to the sanctions that the U.N. Security Council is expected to approve in the coming months.

Israel believes that these sanctions are “soft” and will not be able to stop the Iranian nuclear program and, therefore, it will be necessary to support them by an American naval blockade that will apply heavy pressure to the Iranian regime and demonstrate the seriousness of the intentions of the U.S. in particular and the West in general to prevent Iran from going nuclear. The U.S. administration, at this stage, is unenthusiastic about the idea, and the chances of implementing it now appear slim.

Discussions between Israel and the U.S. on this matter are now at their most critical stage. The visit to Israel by Vice President Joe Biden. Israeli diplomatic sources say that their goal in Mr. Biden’s visit was to try to recruit him for the idea of the naval blockade and, perhaps, for a number of other Israeli ideas regarding the sanctions.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Philadelphia Bulletin: Why Does Syria Want the Golan back from Israel?

by David Bedein

JERUSALEM - The Israeli army conquered the Western slopes of the Golan Heights on the last day of the 1967 war, at the insistence of the resident’s council of Israel’s Upper Galilee region, after Syrian artillery attacks from the Golan had made the lives of the residents of the Galilee impossible. This is because Syria views the Upper Galilee region as belonging to Syria.

Syria has never given up its commitement to conquering the Galilee and annexing it, which provides Israel with a concrete reason why it is not willing to budge from the Golan Heights.

Now there is a new reason why Syria wants the Golan Heights in its hands.

Syria can no longer conceal the massive transfer it is carrying out, after a U.N. report two weeks ago exposed it. The Syrian government uprooted more than 300,000 of its citizens from their dwellings in eastern Syria and moved them to new cities, without any means of survival. The reason: a policy of forced agriculture in the country’s eastern sector, including forced farming of water-hungry crops like cotton and wheat that brought about a total drying up of wells and famine.

According to intelligence analyst Guy Bichor, “Now everyone knows why Syria is so hard-pressed to get its hands on our Sea of Galilee: in order to suck it dry by piping its waters to no-longer-inhabitable areas in the eastern part of the country.”

According to Mr. Bichor, Syria also defers to Turkey in hopes that it will raise the water quotas from the Euphrates. The Syrian plan is to gain control of the Sea of Galilee to solve its water problems.

If Israel were to cede the Golan Heights and its vast water supply to Syria, it is likely Syrian President Bashar Assad would populate the Golan with over one million Syrians.

Concerns remain, however, that Syria would again transform the Golan into a forward base from where it would once again fire missiles on Israel’s Upper Galilee region, since Syria views the Upper Galilee as Syrian territory.

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The Philadelphia Bulletin: Persian Purim Summit in Damascus

by David Bedein

JERUSALEM - Purim festivities throughout Israel last week celebrated the defeat of a Persian politician who sought to rally the world to murder every Jew on earth and also to stifle the return of the Jews to Jerusalem 2400 years ago.

Middle East headlines of the past week seemed tailor-made for Purim, as the president of Iran - the modern day Persia - arrived in Damascus to meet with the president of Syria, and the secretary general of Hezbollah met on Thursday in Damascus with today’s Persian politician opening their summit with a declaration that he looked forward to “a Middle East with no more Jews.”

The meeting between Hezbollah Secretary General Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was one of the rare occasions that Mr. Nasrallah left one of the safe-houses he uses in Lebanon.

Mr. Nasrallah told the media that he began the meeting by outlining a number of scenarios in which Israel might begin an attack on Hezbollah.

He said he believed that the chances of that happening were slim, but noted, “We have to be ready and prepared for any possibility.”

Mr. Nasrallah and Mr. Ahmadinejad were joined by Syrian President Bashar Assad, who invited them to dinner in the palace.

The three leaders said that they discussed the level of Hezbollah’s readiness and military preparations, the ties with the Lebanese army and the level of training being given by the Iranians in Hezbollah training camps.

The Iranian president capitalized on his visit to the Syrian capital to meet with the leaders of the ten Palestinian factions that have offices in Damascus-the “rejectionist front”-first and foremost, Hamas Political Bureau Director Khaled Mashal.

A Hezbollah spokesman announced that Mr. Ahmadinejad gave everyone their own job in the event of a war with Israel: “Syria is ready for any attack by Israel, either large or small. It has a commitment for full Iranian backing and support.”

Abed Albari Atwan, the editor of the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi, described the summit meeting as a “war council.” “Not since the great wars against Israel,” he wrote, “has there been a meeting of this magnitude and of this power... This is Assad’s answer to Hillary Clinton’s demand of Syria, on the eve of Ahmadinejad’s visit, to weaken its ties with Iran.

Assad informed her, for all intents and purposes: I’ve given up on the American axis, which is a joke, in my opinion, and hasn’t given me anything. I have no intention of dismantling a 30-year-old strategic alliance with Iran. As far as I’m concerned, Syria can continue to live without an American ambassador in Damascus.”

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The Philadelphia Bulletin: Differences Emerging between Israel and US over Iran

by David Bedein

JERUSALEM - The intelligence communities of Israel and the United States differ over Iran’s progress toward nuclear weapons.

“I think that beyond that there is, of course, a certain difference in perspective and difference in judgment, difference in the internal clocks and difference in capabilities,” Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said.

In a Feb. 26 address to the Washington Institute, Mr. Barak acknowledged that Israel and the United States might not bridge their differences over Iran’s capabilities. He said the U.S. objections to Israel’s assessment should not block any campaign against Tehran’s nuclear program.

“And I don’t think that there is a need to coordinate in this regard,” Mr. Barak said. “That should be understood. It should be an exchange of views. We do not need to coordinate every step.”

The statement marked a rare occasion that Mr. Barak, regarded as the most U.S.-oriented member of the Israeli Cabinet, played down the need to coordinate with the administration of President Barack Obama. Mr. Barak, however, stressed that Israel supported Mr. Obama’s policy to employ diplomacy rather than military means against Iran.

“We clearly support the attempt to solve it through diplomacy,” Mr. Barak said.

The Israeli government has been pressing the U.S.administration for a timetable for harsh U.S. sanctions on Tehran, beginning with a gasoline embargo that would spark critical fuel shortages in Iran.

Instead, Washington has moved cautiously in efforts to draft sanctions against Iran. The State Department has ruled out significant measures against Iran’s energy sector.

For his part, Mr. Barak did not rule out the prospect that Iran could develop what he termed “second or second-and-a-half generation of nuclear warheads.” He said these warheads could be installed on ballistic missiles that could reach Moscow or Paris.

“If Iran will not be stopped from moving there, it will reach a certain point of nuclear military capability, and one can close his eyes and see what it means,” Mr. Barak said. “What is really needed is significant sanctions, effective ones with a time limit, together with the Russians and the Chinese.”

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Special Report: THE INCITEMENT REPORT - Incitement by the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA, January-February 2010

by The Center for Near East Policy Research

“The Palestinian Authority is once again trying to divert attention from its problems
at home, and the best way to do this is [by] escalating tensions with Israel - the
Palestinian Authority’s policy since its inception after signing the Oslo Peace Accords in 1993.

“To distract attention from charges of financial corruption and embarrassing sexual
scandals, the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank has stepped up its anti-Israel
rhetoric. Allegations of ‘ethnic cleansing,’ ‘destruction and desecration of Islamic
religious sites,’ ‘apartheid,’ ‘racism,’ ‘land theft’ and ‘conducting medical experiments on Palestinian prisoners’ are directed every day toward Israel by Abbas and his top officials and spokesmen.

“These charges are often backed up by threats to launch a ‘third intifada’ or to resume suicide bombings against Israel.

“Given Abbas’s growing predicament, the likelihood of a new wave of violence in the
West Bank or the Gaza Strip seems to be more realistic than ever.”1

On February 26, 2010, PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad stated that the Al-Ibrahimi
mosque site in Hebron [the Machpelah] is “an inseparable part of Palestinian lands
occupied in 1967, as is the Gaza strip and eastern Jerusalem.”2

According to NAM News Network:

“After performing Friday prayers (which were held at the Al-Ibrahmi mosque3),
Fayyad said that the Palestinian people stand together in facing the Israeli
decision to list Al-Ibrahimi mosque and Rachel Tomb (sic) – a mosque – both on
Palestinian land, as Israeli UNESCO (sic) heritage sites.

“He stressed that Israel by this, breaches international law, having no claim over
the land, which the Palestinians have full rights to.”4

He further warned of an increased risk of violence as a result of the Israeli government decision on the sites, adding "we are all united against the decision of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and against the terror of the settlers.”5

Several sources reported that Fayyad accused Israel of having “annexed” the site.
 On February 23, 2010, PA President Mahmoud Abbas referred to the decision of the
Netanyahu government to add the Machpelah in Hebron and Kever Rachel outside of
Bethlehem to the list of national Heritage sites as a “severe provocation” that could
lead to a “war of religions” and possibly a new intifada.7

 The Palestinian Authority daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, reported on February 20, 2010,
that Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad praised the popular resistance in the
village of Bil'in at a rally marking six years of struggle against the separation fence.8

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The Philadelphia Bulletin: Israel to Conduct Nationwide Civil Defense Drill

by David Bedein

The most extensive nationwide civil defense drill in Israel’s history will be launched starting next Sunday.

It will start with a “battle in Gaza” that will spread as a second front in the “war” opens in northern Israel. In addition, the forces will train for an uprising and rioting by Israel’s Arabs.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Israeli media: “[T]his is a routine drill, which was planned several months ago and is held every year in order to coordinate between civil and military systems.”

The drill will begin on May 31 and will last five days.

The Israeli Defense Ministry will coordinate the exercise with the assistance of the Israel National Emergency Authority. It aims to train the Israeli home front, from the government level down to the civilian level, and will simulate a comprehensive regional war.

According to the planned scenario, Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria will become involved in the war, while Palestinians will carry out terror attacks and Israel’s Arabs will riot en masse.

The Israeli government will announce various scenarios, while the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will mobilize forces as the events unfold. The proposed scenario simulates an escalation lasting three months, reaching its peak with an overall attack on Israel.

The outline of the drill has been presented to the government ministers. The overall war scenario will begin with a mock escalation in Gaza, which will lead to an Israeli military ground offensive. After 60 days of fighting in Gaza, tensions in the north will heat up. At that time, the scenario proposes forcing the army to enlist reserve forces and launch a war on the northern front.

During the war, barrages of missiles will hit the Israeli home front.

Simultaneously, a terror offensive will develop, and extensive riots will take place across the country.

Air raid sirens will sound across the country.

The drill will kick off on Sunday with an exercise involving Israeli government ministers at their weekly cabinet meeting.

Monday will involve the IDF’s Home Front Command, the Emergency Economy, the Israel Police, government ministries and local authorities.

On Tuesday, an air raid siren will sound across the country; roads will be blocked and citizens and school students will practice entering bomb shelters.

On Wednesday, the Israeli security cabinet and the national information system will go into full operation.

On Thursday, the last day of the drill, the Israeli military will hold field exercises, in coordination with the Israel Home Front Command headquarters.

As part of the drill, cooperation between departments of the Israeli government and the military will be examined.

In addition to war scenarios, Israel will also witness a simulated a major terror attack, natural disaster, epidemic malfunction in a hazardous materials facility.

Last week, the Israel Air Force (IAF) held a three-day drill that included various scenarios and staged fronts the force may have to handle.

Pilots also practiced a number of combat maneuvers. The drill incorporated scenarios relevant to the current threats faced by Israel. As part of the drill, members of the Israeli Air Force were briefed on Iran’s test-launch of its new missile, the Sajjil-2, which has been said to pose a threat to Israel’s security.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Special Report: The influence of New Israel Fund organizations on the Goldstone Report

The influence of New Israel Fund organizations on the Goldstone Report


Executive Summary

The Goldstone Report, published in September 2009, seriously harmed the international image of the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed the gravity of the report's impact in his December 23, 2009 address to the Knesset plenum: "There are three primary threats facing us today: the nuclear threat, the missile threat and what I call the Goldstone threat… Goldstone has become code for a much broader phenomenon: the attempt to negate the legitimacy of our right to self-defense. It didn't just start now.

The international campaign against Israel has gone on since the Durban Conference in 2000 and since the attempt in 2003 to condemn the security fence that has protected Israeli children – but is condemned just the same – in The Hague… We all have a real problem here. Ehud Olmert speaks on campuses in the United States, and he's denounced as a war criminal. Defense Minister Ehud Barak – they want to arrest him in London. And there's a warrant out against Tzipi Livni, the Opposition leader. You all know the truth in your hearts. This is an all-out offensive, not just against one Israeli government or another."1

Israeli President Shimon Peres similarly denounced the Goldstone Report: "The report essentially grants legitimacy to terrorism, premeditated shooting and killing, while ignoring the obligation and the right of every country to defend itself, something which is explicitly stated in the UN charter."2

The aim of this study is to examine the level of involvement of New Israel Fund organizations in the formation of the Goldstone Committee Report.

The New Israel Fund is a capital fund that invests in and supports hundreds of radical leftist organizations that operate in various fields. The fund operates on two levels: first, as an incubator for new organizations, granting them professional services in their various activities, and second, as a financial backer for organizations that “grew up” with the fund, as well as others that did not.

The New Israel Fund is registered in the United States and its current president is former left-wing Knesset member for the Meretz party, Prof. Naomi Chazan. According to figures published by the fund, since its inception the fund has distributed over $140 million. Beyond the sponsorship that the fund grants organizations supported by it (which are referred to on the fund’s website as “the fund’s organizations,” the fund publicizes the activities and achievements of the organizations in the many articles that appear on its website.

In April 2009 the Goldstone Committee began its work, under the auspices of the UN. The decision to appoint the committee was preceded by heavy international pressure on the UN, including from NIF organizations. The Goldstone Committee sought the assistance of many NGOs as sources of information and confirmation for establishing its arguments and findings, including 16 organizations from among the New Israel Fund’s organizations: Adalah; Breaking the Silence; B’Tselem, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel; HaMoked: Center for the Defense of the Individual; The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel; Yesh Din; Physicians for Human Rights; Gisha; Bimkom; Rabbis for Human Rights; Itach – Women Lawyers for Social Justice; Other Voice and organizations in the Coalition of Women for Peace (New Profile, Machsom Watch and the Who Profits from the Occupation project).

An analysis of the Goldstone Report reveals that the weight of the reliance of the report’s authors on New Israel Fund organizations, out of all the Israeli sources, was 42%. A more detailed analysis of the data reveals that among the Israeli organizations mentioned in the report, and on whose publications Goldstone bases his accusations against the IDF and Israel, there are some that contradict the report's allegations in their publications, or which have a neutral stance toward the allegations. Fully 92% of the quotes from Israeli organizations that support the claims against Israel come from organizations funded by the NIF. Without the NIF's publications, Goldstone would have nothing on which to base most of the claims made by Israeli organizations. This is a staggering example of a self-propelled process: the very organizations that pressed for the establishment of the commission provided the testimonies used by the Goldstone commission to justify its claims against the IDF and Israel, and most of these organizations are supported by the NIF.

The New Israel Fund organizations stand out not only relative to the Israeli sources and organizations that contributed to the claims against the IDF and Israel, but also relative to the general information sources on which the report relied (14%). Furthermore, foreign media sources and organizations quoted in the report themselves quote New Israel Fund organizations to support their arguments against Israel. Thus the citations backing up the testimonies of those sources effectively reiterate the claims of the New Israel Fund organizations, but this time are quoted in their name.

The fund’s financial reports show that the New Israel Fund organizations that contributed to the international damage caused by the Goldstone Report received monetary support from the fund in the years 2006-2008 totaling $7,805,226 (almost $8 million!).

In recent years Israel has been increasingly accused of war crimes, and this allegation has become a type of new weapon among leftist organizations, whose aim is apparently not only to protest but also to undermine the fighting spirit IDF soldiers and officers.

The direct and indirect effects of these organizations' activities include the international denunciation of Israel; anti-Israel demonstrations around the world; demands to prosecute IDF officers in a number of European countries; pressure from the UN and various countries to halt the fighting; economic sanctions against Israeli companies; suits for hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation and expressions of anti-Semitism in the wake of Israel's defamation around the world.

In effect, a small group of leftist organizations that is financed by identical foreign sources has created international pressure that is seriously harming Israel in the diplomatic arena and challenged Israel's legitimate right to self-defense in the future. The foreign funding finances the activities of organizations that incite Israelis against the IDF and the State of Israel.

It should be stressed that while the declared "noble" intentions of most of these organizations are to fight for "social justice" and "human rights" throughout all the years during which thousands of missiles were fired against the residents of Sderot and the residents of northern Israel, aimed deliberately at innocent Israeli civilians, hardly a word was heard from the organizations.

It is also astounding that while the New Israel Fund organizations were partners to the international defamation of Israel and the IDF, via the Goldstone Report, the NIF was operating joint programs with the Jewish Agency and various government ministries. These programs
• Active Citizenship, a high school program run jointly by the NIF and the Education
• Fans for the Prevention of Violence in Sports, a program run jointly by the NIF, the Culture
and Sports Ministry and the Internal Security Ministry.4
• A joint project with the Jewish Agency to promote the social integration of Ethiopian
immigrants via vocational training and social advocacy programs. 5
• The Birthright program, run jointly by the Israeli government and the Jewish Agency. 6

The current study presents a survey of the 16 NIF organizations and shows their substantial influence on the Goldstone Report and the crystallization of the accusations against Israel and the IDF.

Furthermore, an analysis of the research material reveals that the joint actions of some of the organizations funded by the NIF was intended not only to protest against IDF actions, but also to coordinate international activities against Israel, resulting in serious damage to Israel's image around the world and the impairment of the IDF's ability to defend Israel during times of military conflict. 40% of the evidence on which the Goldstone Report based its arguments originated in publications of NIF (14%) and Palestinian (26%) organizations. Without the NIF, over 90% of the claims against Israel that were based on Israeli publications would not have been in the report.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Palestine: the Real Apartheid State In the Making

by David Bedein

* "Palestine" is an apartheid state in the making.
* "Israel Apartheid" Week is the time to publicize that fact.
* During Israel Apartheid Week, orchestrated on campuses around the globe, the time has come to put the shoe on the other foot.

In 1948, Apartheid laws institutionalized racial discrimination in South Africa & denied human rights to 25 million Black citizens of South Africa.

In 1948, the Arab League of Nations applied the Apartheid model to Palestine, and declared that Jews must be denied rights as citizens of Israel, while declaring a total state of war to eradicate the new Jewish entity, a war that continues today.

In 1948, at the directive of the Arab League of Nations, Jordan devastated the vestiges of Jewish life from Judea and Samaria, and burned all schules in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.

In 1948, member states of the Arab League of Nations began to strip the human rights of Jews and to expel entire Jewish communities who had resided in their midst for centuries

In the mid 1960's, The Arab League of Nations spawned the PLO to organize local residents to continue the war to deny Jewish rights the right to live as free citizens in the land of Israel - well before Israel took over Judea, Samaria, and the Old City of Jerusalem in the defensive war waged by Israel in 1967.

And since its inception in 1994, the newly constituted Palestinian Authority, created by the PLO, has prepared the rudiments of a Palestinian State, modeled on the rules of Apartheid and institutionalized discrimination:

1. The right of Palestinian Arab refugees and their descendants to return to Arab villages lost in 1948 will be protected by the new Palestinian state.

2. While 20% of Israel’s citizens are Arabs, not one Jew will be allowed to live in a Palestinian State

3. Anyone who sells land to a Jew will be liable to the death penalty in the Palestinian State

4. Those who murder Jews are honored on all official Palestinian media outlets.

5. Palestinian Authority maps prepared for the Palestinian State depict all of Palestine under Palestinian rule

6. PA maps of Jerusalem for the Palestinian State once again delete the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem

7. Recent PA documents claim all of Jerusalem for the future Palestinian State.

8. The right of Jewish access to Jewish holy places is to be denied in the new Palestinian State.

9. The Draft Palestinian State Constitution denies juridical status to any religion except for Islam.

10. No system which protects human rights or civil liberties will exist in a Palestinian State

If that is not a formula for a totalitarian apartheid state of Palestine, then what is?

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