Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Philadelphia Bulletin: Israel Wages Battle Against ‘NY Times’

by David Bedein

JERUSALEM - For the past 10 days, the State of Israel has been waging a battle against the New York Times, for what it calls tendentious and unfair coverage of the Jewish state.

At the focus of the storm is the Goldstone report. Recently, there were many exchanges between the newspaper's journalists and editors with Israel Foreign Ministry representatives, and yesterday the Israeli delegation in the UN sent an official complaint to the newspaper's editorial board.

The complaint, signed by the Israel UN delegation's spokeswoman, Mirit Cohen, says that the newspaper uses subjective negative language about Israel and failed in writing fair and accurate coverage.

The complaint also states: "Again and again we encounter distorted phraseology that is liable to cause the innocent reader to think that the report found definitive proof that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza. This is a report that is flawed from the outset, which gives legitimacy to a terror organization that fires missiles at innocent civilians. The New York Times's bias in ignoring this reality requires reexamination", wrote Cohen.

The New York Times has yet to respond to the Israeli government's unprecedented attack on the paper.

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