Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Philadelphia Bulletin: Netanyahu Denounces the UN

by David Bedein

Jerusalem - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks on Thursday to the media:

“In the next 24 hours, a vote will take place in Geneva in the framework of the council known as the United Nations Human Rights Council. I remind you that in recent years, this council has made more decisions against Israel than against all other 180 countries in the world.”

The Israeli Prime Minister threatened that “if it should decide to forward what is known as the Goldstone report, 
it will strike a severe blow to three things:

“First of all, it will strike a severe blow to the war against terrorism since it will afford total legitimization to terrorists who fire upon civilians and who hide behind civilians. To those who - from international platforms, and using international law - attack and condemn the victim who legitimately defends himself, this is a mortal blow to the war on terrorism.
“Secondly, it will strike a mortal blow to the stature of the United Nations. It will return it to its darkest days, in which it could make the most absurd decisions, which would empty it of all substance and significance.

“Thirdly, and perhaps the most immediate and obvious of all, forwarding the 
decision of what is known as the Goldstone report, would strike a fatal blow 
to the peace process because Israel will no longer be able to take additional steps and take risks for peace if its right to self-defense is denied.”

The Israeli Prime Minister concluded his remarks by saying that “the decision on whether to forward this report which will impair both the struggle against terrorism and stature of the United Nations, and strike a mortal blow to the peace process.”

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